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Opt for hydronics! Hydronic solutions offer energy efficiency with complete peace of mind with state-of-the-art products that meet the highest standards.


We speak the same language as you!

Not only do we master the design and manufacture of high-performance domestic water heating and hydronic products, but in addition, the experts at R&G Legault are fully aware of the scope and subtleties of the standards in place.


We know how important reliability is to you. Our team is always available to answer all your questions, particularly on the selection of equipment and to confirm the full compliance of our equipment.

Control energy costs

For you, energy performance is a key condition for success. Whether combined in an integrated system or implemented in independent systems, our domestic water heating and hydronic products are the cornerstones of a modern vision of energy management. An approach where space saving and reliability combine with unrivaled energy performance. From any point of view, hydronic heating and the production of instant domestic hot water stand out as a logical and clearly profitable solution.

A real hot water heating system

Electric boiler, instantaneous indirect water heater, buffer tank, blower cabinet, R&G Legault offers you a complete range of products, some of which are ASME certified when required and which will meet your technical specifications. Without a doubt, our equipment will become the backbone of your project.

Request a quote to be guided by one of our experts

Comfort, quality and expertise

R&G Legault has over 75 years of experience in air conditioning, ventilation and heating. 

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