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LogisVert Efficient
Homes Program

Programme Logisvert R&G Legault
Programme Logisvert R&G Legault

Maximize your comfort and benefit from financial assistance with Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert Program 💡🍃

Since 1947, R&G Legault inc. is committed to improving the comfort of your home while helping you achieve significant savings. Thanks to Hydro-Québec's LogisVert Program, transform your living space with our energy-efficient heat pump solutions and benefit from financial assistance to reduce your investment.


Why choose R&G Legault inc. ?

  • Proven expertise : Drawing on our experience since 1947, we guarantee you a professional and personalized installation.

  • Guaranteed savings : With attractive subsidies, reduce the cost of your new heat pump and lower your energy bill.

  • Optimal comfort : Our energy-efficient solutions ensure a pleasant temperature in your home, summer and winter.

  • Ecological commitment: Contribute to Quebec's energy transition through environmentally friendly technologies .


Don't miss this chance to improve your home comfort while benefiting from financial support. The LogisVert program subsidies are designed to help you take the step towards greener and more economical consumption.




Programme Logisvert R&G Legault
Programme Logisvert R&G Legault

About the LogisVert Program from Hydro-Québec

The LogisVert Program from Hydro-Québec is a remarkable initiative aimed at encouraging homeowners and businesses to adopt eco-energy measures in their buildings and installations. This program not only seeks to reduce energy consumption in Québec but also to promote a more sustainable future for everyone. Here is a brief overview of this program and advice on how to apply.


How to Benefit from the LogisVert Program?

Evaluate your eco-energy needs: The first step is to identify potential energy efficiency improvements for your property. This may involve auditing your current energy consumption or consulting an eco-energy expert.

  • Choose the appropriate solutions: Based on the results of your evaluation, select the eco-energy technologies or improvements that best meet your needs and the program's criteria. Solutions may include specific equipment, like efficient heat pumps, or insulation work.

  • Consult the program details: Visit the Hydro-Québec website to get detailed information about the LogisVert Program, including eligibility criteria, available grant amounts, and instructions for submitting your application.

  • Prepare and submit your application: Compile all necessary documents, such as purchase invoices, installation proofs, and any other evidence required by the program. Then, submit your application following the guidelines provided by Hydro-Québec.

  • Carry out the work: Once your application is approved, you can proceed with the installation or implementation of the selected eco-energy solutions. It is recommended to work with certified professionals to ensure the quality and efficiency of the work.

  • Receive your financial assistance: After completing the work and submitting all required final documentation, Hydro-Québec will process your application and send you the promised financial aid.


Why participate in the LogisVert Program?

Participating in Hydro-Québec's LogisVert Program offers multiple benefits:

  • Reduction of energy costs: Eco-energy improvements can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

  • Increased comfort: Solutions like heat pumps improve the comfort of your home by providing a constant and pleasant indoor temperature.

  • Environmental contribution: By reducing your energy consumption, you contribute to the fight against climate change and support Québec's energy transition.


For more information on the LogisVert Program and to start your eco-energy journey, visit the Hydro-Québec website today. Together, let's take a step towards a greener and more sustainable future. Click here.


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